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e-Newsletter for the month of July 2015 published on 7th July 2015

At first, I, on behalf of Board of Councillors of Dum Dum Municipality wish to thFeatured imageank and congratulate the people of Dum Dum Municipal Area to elect us and give us the scope to serve them.

Dum Dum Municipality was established in the year 1929 mainly comprising with the Dum Dum Cantonment area. Sixty Nine years after, State Govt. in the year 1998 amalgamate adjacent Sultanpur Panchayat Area, Part of South Dum Dum Municipal Area and Part of Dum Dum Airport Area with this Municipality. Presently, Dum Dum Municipality comprising of 22 (twenty two) number of wards.

Dum Dum Municipality intends to create an environment where citizens feel free to suggest better service delivery improvement mechanism and become part of Municipal Governance system. Our Municipality believes in the philosophy that it is the citizens of the town who are the primary stake-holders and should feel the ownership of every asset either existing or to be created in near future. Dum Dum Municipality will confirm participation of poor households in municipal developmental activities and ensure that poor families have adequate and equitable access to basic municipal services. In other words, Dum Dum Municipality will emphasizes on inclusive development approach adopting modern technologies in place of traditional concept of sectoral development planning approach.

Dum Dum Municipality provides a wide range of civic services such as Water Supply, Roads, Drainage, Solid Waste Management, Health care, Education etc. through respective departments. This is our goal to improve the service in a more organized manner and keeping this in view we are resuming the program of Ward Level Consultation. Our ward level consultation will begin from 8th July 2015. For more details citizens are requested to contact their respective Ward Councillors at the earliest. All the citizens are requested to participate in the consultation and provide their valuable opinions so that Municipal Authority can provide better service after review and compilation.

Dum Dum Municipality likes to see in future that it creates an example to others as a Municipality for the citizens, by the citizens and of the citizens.


Dum Dum Municipality

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