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e-Newsletter for the month of March 2019



At first, I, on behalf of Board of Councillors of Dum Dum Municipality wish to thank and congratulate the people and all the stakeholders for their active co-operation.

We have reached the fag end of the financial year 2018-19. Now, it is the time to review our achievements throughout the year. Let us recapitulate & put those in front of the citizens of Dum Dum Municipality who are the best judges to evaluate our works.

  1. Keeping in mind the goals set by Green City Mission & the reforms for AMRUT Works, Dum Dum Municipality is focused on gradually increasing the percentage of Green open space in Dum Dum Municipality & has developed several parks & playgrounds within the jurisdiction of municipal area in such a way so that different age group of people can use those & enjoy the amenities. The parks are beautified with shed creating plants, hedges & also flowering plants so that people coming there may adore & take pleasure in it. The parks & playgrounds which are built or renovated are as follows :

a) Hatibari Pond beautification work in Ward 6 – inaugurated on 06.07.18

b) Ghoshbagan Park in Ward 1 – inaugurated on 23.01.19

c) Dr. Narendranath Chattopadhyay Children Park in Ward 4 – inaugurated on 22.02.19

d) Bharat Ch. Das Children Park (Ambagan) in Ward 4 – inaugurated on 22.02.19

e) Majumder Para Krirangan in Ward 5 – inaugurated on 22.02.19

f) Vivekananda Sishu Udyan in Ward 5 – inaugurated on 22.02.19

g) Najrul Udyan in Ward 5 – inaugurated on 22.02.19

h) Manikpur Krirangan in Ward 3 – inaugurated on 30.01.19

i) Khalisakota Pond Beautification in Ward 1 – inaugurated on 12.10.18

j) Sukanta Sishu Udyan , Patelnagar in Ward 22 – inaugurated on 29.09.18

k) Sabuj Aranya Park (Padmapukur) at Ward 6 – inaugurated on 18.08.18

l) Sudhangshu Bose Playground in Kalidham, Ward 14 – inaugurated on 18.08.18

m) Rabindra Sishu Udyan in Ward 11 – inaugurated on 25.05.18

n) Purba Kamalapur Sishu Udyan in Ward 11 – inaugurated on 25.05.18

o) Dum Dum Cantonment Rail Math in Ward 16 – inaugurated on 25.05.18

p) Jawahar Lal Nehru Children Park in Ward 20 – inaugurated on 13.12.17

Playgrounds are protected & beautified with high chain link fencing & floodlights so that it is lighted in evening also & any sort of unsocial work can be avoided.

  1. Roadside greeneries are also introduced in some places like Jessop Gate, Mall Road, Green Park, P K Guha Road. Although it is done according to guideline of Green City Mission, it is kept in view that pollution can be controlled to some extent by such green spaces.
  2. Roadside LED Streetlight are also put to use in different areas of Municipality so that a larger area will be lighted.
  3. CCTV Surveillance is our most important work through which we can keep vigil over the municipal areas. We have covered the whole of the municipal area by network of CCTV. The control room is in Dum Dum Police Station for they also keep strong vigil over the municipal areas and several crimes had been stopped at the root before it happens, due to this CCTV.
  4. Dum Dum Municipality Office has been renovated & it’s exterior facade improvement has been done with glass & ACP which gives the office a gorgeous look. Surrounding areas of office campus is also developed with paver blocks & a dome fountain has been installed in front of the office.
  5. Dum Dum Municipal Town Hall has also been renovated & the auditorium in it has been modernised. Stage Craft work has been done, hall lighting has been improved, sound system, stage & hall acoustics, seating arrangement, false ceiling – all are done. VIP room, Green Room & new toilet block have been added. Front lobby & lounge have been decorated. All such together make this auditorium a top-level one.
  6. Dum Dum Municipality has developed a swimming pool beside the Dhoba Pukur Pond which is of dimension of 22m x 5.5 m & its depth varies from 0.75m to 1.5m which will facilitate swimming for the children & adult person of our municipality.
  7. Theme-based Water Fountain Show with Light & Sound has been installed in the Dhoba Pukur Pond which can be compared with any other high quality Theme-based Water Fountain Show.
  8. 322 nos of SHGs have been formed in all of our wards where women come forward to do some economic activities together for which they get subsidised loan from the bank with the guidance & help from the municipality to earn livelihood. Now, they can contribute to their families. This is the empowerment of women.
  9. We have arranged 3 compactors for better waste management from all wards of the municipality. We have introduced totos for efficient door to door waste collection. We have distributed buckets for waste accumulation & collection to the families of our municipality. A new AC hearse car for carrying dead body has also been introduced.
  10. Under Housing Scheme, 20 people had already constructed their houses & now another 412 persons are constructing their own house.
  11. We have improved our drainage system to such extent that waterlogging never happens in heavy rain also. Roads are also improved a lot.

These are some of our achievements during 2018-19, but not all. A number of works are in pipeline, which will be done in the next financial year.

Now, as a Chairman, I can assure you that we always keep strong vigil on the activities within our municipal area & we will not spare anything to happen which will hurt or affect the community interest. I promise to the residents of the municipality that I will be on your side in every moment to come & I also wish that citizen should come forward to actively participate & inspire us in our everyday operation.

Chairman, Dum Dum Municipality

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