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Grievance Redressal System


  1. Suman roy says:

    Dear Sir, This is with reference to my yesterday’s mail reg. garbage stored at roadside of arabinda sarani, East kamalapur since last Sunday. Thank you for sending your officer to inspect the same. This is the first time since my birth, it is being informed from municipality end that to clean garbage we have to inform municipality. Although these garbages are accumulated due to our house surrounding 2 flats people continuous throughing dirty things to our covered area. Therefore you are requested to clean the mentioned garbages by this time and next time onwards we would follow your information and obliged.


  2. Rinku saha says:

    I Rinku Saha my home address 507/43 jessore road debendranagarkol-74but our home address changed s dum dum municipality new address 507/43A.jessore ROAD debendranagar kol-74. How to get new address document recipes sdumdum municipality. Pl help


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