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Members of Board of Administrators

Sl. No. Board of Administrators Designation Mobile No.
1 Sri HARENDRA SINGH Chairperson  9830162445
2 Sri BARUN NATTA Member 9433467256
3 Smt RINKU DUTTA DEY Member 9051416323
4 Sri RABIN KUMAR DERIA Member 9874299674
5 Sri UTTAM ROY CHOWDHURY Member 9831359741


  1. Ratish Panda says:

    Which ward number is the Kaikhali region in?


    • chairmanddm says:

      Sir, Kaikhali region is Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation area.

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      • JULY 22, 2018 AT 1:13 PM
        Dear Sir,
        I live at kolkata700028 Dr Jiban Ratan Dhar Road on rent and do as a freelancer Maid providing, but sir this time I want to make a trade licence but in municipality requirements which documents not provided by my landlord,but sir I have a aadhar card in this address and requested you please suggest me.what should I do?


  2. Avishek ghosh says:

    I want to know what is the ward no .mall road, saltee plaza beside ils hospital,kol-700080


  3. Sovan biswas says:

    Dear , i would like to inform you that ,i am a govt official and posted a respective position under west benhal govt.today i travelled at dumdum cantonment area , i was along with my family ,at 8 pm , when returning back from there , i booked an uber (online taxi)and told to turn the car towards municipality hospital ,as i was in debonair restaurant lane . Only 1 to 2 min the car waits , infront of a decorators shop ,which is just beside the xing , i will attach a map where the car was waited . But there were some people sat on the street ,who were objectioned , i told that 1 min is required to get into the car.but a man with worst and slang language thorough infront of whole .
    My 1st question
    What is the purpose of a road ?
    An illiterate person threatened me.what will be your steps ?
    A group of worst and basti type people threaten me ,its too embarrassed me .
    I cant forget that situation .
    What will be your neceasary steps ?
    I am a west bengal govt official and dont expect any irreapective situation like this .
    Punishment should be given to those who sat beside street and through objectionalbe language .
    If u didnt take any action ,then i will report to the higher authority as well.
    I enclosed a map showing the spot.
    I will attend and can idientify the person as well ,if u want.
    Sovan Biswas
    This mail hasbeen submitted to the chairman of dum dum municipality as well .


  4. Soma Chakraborty says:

    Dear Shri Milu Dey, please take action upon this. We have approached you many times but you did not respond.
    I would like to bring it to your notice that Mr. Pradip Pal and his wife Rita Pal have been spreading false information about me which was once confronted by me in the month of December 2016, when my wife was asking them to pay one year due building maintenance. They shouted in front of public of me having illicit relationship. When I opposed and alarmed them, his wife came ahead slapping me which was stopped by the neighbours. I turned my back going away but she was in a state of driving and pulling me back and stating that she has control over the whole apartment and no one will raise an objection even though they maintain to be defaulters throughout life. They have good understanding with the local counsellor and so the police won’t harm them. There have been repeated attacks on my assets (bike) character and reputation. There have statements while we cross their premises which are quite offending to my wife and especially my children who are quite innocent at this stage. I don’t agree with such behaviour against me. As they have insulted some of our senior citizens who have been living in our apartments also we had complained the same to the counsellor of our ward to ask the family to pay their maintenance dues. They are owning 3 flats and own garage and using the electricity and water free from last one year absolutely free with giving a single penny to the building fund as monthly maintenance.

    I wanted to let this go and live in peace as complaining would just aggravate situations. But yesterday while I was parking my bike I confronted him and seeing me, he said that he will not only deal with me but also my family. He has better ways and very good understanding with the leaders and law enforcement agencies. I believe I have done the right thing by complaining to you, as I am sure that being you will definitely look into the matter and attend to my concern. I am grieved and mentally harassed as it has harmed my reputation and is also intended to be hurtful to the feelings of my family and other occupants living in the building.

    Everytime the water pump requires service all the rest 5 families contribute except them although they own 3 flats and one garage. The water tank and water pump is in a position of breakdown anytime. They have already told not to expect anything from them in terms of money or service.

    I hope this complaint will be considered serious and he will be answerable for my defamation, defamation of senior citizens living in this apartment, mental harassment of myself and my family and also non cooperative attitude towards the maintenance of the building.


  5. The high drain near Mall Road has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes who are a permanent source of menace. Twice, we have complained to the lady sent from the municipality and she assured that the drains will be cleaned. THE DRAINS NEEDS TO BE COVERED LIKE THE DRAINS OF SALT LAKE AREA. There is no ‘Sauchalay’ or public toilet near the Mall Road Bazaar and thereby shopkeepers and vsitors to the market urinate in the open, which neither a good site for a civilised society, nor a healthy practice for clean neighbourhood.


  6. Manish kumar Sharma says:

    Sir I am a resident of ward no.5 of dumdum municipality i want to enroll myself and my family in voter list.
    Please assist me in this Matter.


  7. Anirban Malik says:

    Dum dum park is in which municipality and ward no. ? (Kolkata 700055)


  8. Shalini says:

    I am a resident of KB Sarani ward No 22.This ward is undergoing a lot of water problem,There is no Supply in the morning times.(6am-8pm and 11am-1pm),also inthe evening time 4pm-5pm supply is not regular.Please look into the matter.Thanks.


  9. JULY 22, 2018 AT 1:13 PM
    Dear Sir,
    I live at kolkata700028 Dr Jiban Ratan Dhar Road on rent and do as a freelancer Maid providing, but sir this time I want to make a trade licence but in municipality requirements which documents not provided by my landlord,but sir I have a aadhar card in this address and requested you please suggest me.what should I do?


  10. Aloke Misra says:

    Dear Board Members of DumDum Muncipality………This is the total parking menace randomly being carried out at Khudiram Bose Sarani ( 7 K.B.Sarani , in front of the upcoming ANANDA housing complex & the illegal parking line extends till Mall Enclave Housing Complex) . Sir , it would not be out of place to mention that after 7-8 P.M. all the lorry & bus drivers assemble amongst themselves and carry out all sorts of illicit activities. The women-folk of our locality are very scared and frightened to walk down this lane in the evening hours , leave aside the night hours……….Therefore you are kindly requested to immediately look into the matter & ensure the safety & security of the women residing in this area .


  11. Amit Singh says:

    The Chairman

    I want to know when the exam for the various post in DDM held . I am one of the candidates who filled the application for a post in DDM. Sir please let me know when the exam will be held.

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  12. Respected sir,,
    I live in Alcove Gloria Sreebhumi, in South Dumdum Municipality. We need your certified copy of the complex master plan, as the promoter has made several illegal constructions.
    Please guide us.


  13. propertyh says:

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  14. Samrat Mitra says:

    Is there any option to renew the Trade License online? Pls help


  15. Moumita Paul says:

    Is there any disater management team for AMFAN storm? two large trees fallen down across two buildings….not able to open house doors…NEED URGENT HELP PLEASE


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